AND SO BE IT!prettyPhoto

In this work I examine the signs of religious practices as the materiality of bodily control. Looking at religion as the communal experience towards the encounter with divinity, I propose the experience of the communal as a productive collapse. Three performers, wearing costumes of animals, struggle to carry the mascots above their bodies whilst searching, finding, loosing, tuning and un-tuning their common movements. Between the body and the costume, the individual and the group, is the attempt to negotiate presence through the common tune and the mistaken ones.

Subject and object, experience and structure, are questioned as opposites and proposed as elements of interference. The possibilities to exhaust fixed signs of bodily representations are exposed as what becomes different within repetition. The bodies do not transcend towards a common ground, structure or God, but instead, they are immanently present in the appropriation of its own actions.

Funded by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.
Special thanks to Klaas Koetje for urgent translations, Doron Hirsch for precise recommendations, Goleb project for housing the process and Eva Schipers for finding and fixing the costumes.

Premiere April 18th 20h, 20th 20h30 and 21st 21h at ARTI during FLAM 2011 – Forum for Live Art Amsterdam.